Mad Ellen Story

MAD et LEN is a fragrance brand born in the small village of Saint-Julien du Verdon in southern France where you can spend a relaxing time. Everything from containers to boxes to labels is produced by hand.

The brand name MAD et LEN is derived from the French made confectionery "Madeleine". In the story of "In Search of the Lost Times" by Marcel Proust, there is an episode in which the history of the past is revived by eating Madeleine soaked in black tea (Madeleine). Later, it was a famous scene that came to be called the “Proust effect” to recall memories and emotions at that time from the sense of taste and smell, and it is the cornerstone of the original incense of the brand.

Inspired by the striking story, the craftsmen add their own interpretations and put their thoughts into production, which is why Madellen's inimitable worldview is established.