About Mad Ellen

Madelen's charm

1. Artistic appearance

Madwell's icon is also a solid iron container.

The minimalist art-like appearance gives off a presence as an interior. The vessels are created one by one using the traditional manufacturing and processing techniques of Moroccan craftsmen. Therefore, Madellen's vessels are not uniform and none have the same look.

2. The scent of natural ingredients

The meldene fragrance is an artistic combination of natural fragrances and is very beautiful.

The fragrance essence is produced by distilling and extracting natural materials such as flowers, trees, stems and fruits carefully selected from all over the world. We do not use silicon, parabens, PEG, artificial colorants, petroleum components, or animal-derived components other than beeswax. Also, we are not conducting animal experiments.

The fact that the scent that cannot be produced may appear depending on the harvesting condition and time of the material, and the impression of the scent differs, is a proof that we are particular about natural materials.


3. Potpourri filled with the dynamism of nature

Madeelen enjoys the scent of amber resin (amber), lava, and a few drops of oil attached to potpourri of natural stone. We do not mass-produce all products, but start producing after receiving an order like apothecary (pharmacy).
Amber resin (amber) and lava stone are fully impregnated with the essence of the scent obtained by distilling and extracting natural materials, and the fragrance spreads as if you were alive from the moment you open the lid.

Since the blessings of the earth are used as potpourri, you can enjoy not only the fragrance but also the dynamic feeling of nature.