About care

 Q. How often should I apply recharge oil to my potpourri?

A. Pour the recharge oil on the potpourri in a circle 1-2 times a week. It is a guide only, so please adjust the frequency and usage according to your fragrance.


Q. How should I clean my potpourri?

A. Periodically remove all potpourri from the iron bowl and transfer it to a plastic bag. Sprinkle a large amount of oil and shake the bag to mix. Amber (amber resin) becomes especially bright when the oil is evenly spread.
After that, if you return it to the iron bowl, the fragrance will become stronger and the deterioration will be suppressed.


Q. Amber (amber resin) is cracking. Is there a way to prevent it?

A. Amber (amber resin) is sensitive to dryness and delicate. Please be careful when installing in places where it is exposed to direct sunlight or dry weather. You can also reduce the dryness and cracks by periodically soaking the recharge oil evenly.



Q. Can potpourri be washed with water?

 A. Amber (amber resin) melts and adheres when it comes into contact with water. Do not wash with water. As for other potpourri, the ingredients contained in water may affect the fragrance, so we basically do not recommend it.



Q. Can I change the scent of potpourri on the way?

A.The original scent of potpourri cannot be completely eliminated and cannot be changed. There are some people who change to a different scent when the scent gets weaker over time, but we do not recommend it because it may change to a different scent than intended.


Q. Can I mix and use scents?

Some people try to mix and try the original scent, but we do not recommend it because it may have a different scent than intended.



 About product

 Q. I feel that the recharged oil I purchased this time has a slightly different scent than the previous one. Is there any problem with the product?

A. No problem.The fragrance essence is produced by distilling and extracting natural materials such as flowers, trees, stems and fruits carefully selected from all over the world.Since it is a natural product, the impression of the scent may differ depending on the time of harvest of the plant, but the brand's commitment is to carefully identify the individual characteristics of the ingredients and adjust the aroma. Please enjoy the scent that can only be felt at that time.


Q. The ironware is distorted and rusted. Is there any quality problem?

A. No problem. Moroccan craftsmen use traditional techniques to manually produce the rugged world view of the brand in a distorted form. Regarding rust, we also incorporate the expression of the material into the product as part of the design. Please enjoy the vessels that are not the same.


Q. There is unevenness in the size and color of the potpourri. Is there any quality problem?

A. No problem.The brand's identity is to value natural materials and use them as they are. Feel the dynamic blessings of the earth.


Q.Is there any difference in the scenting method between Labaroc (lava stone) and Amber (amber resin)?

A.There are some differencesLabaroque (lava stone) has a wide and soft scent with a lingering finish, while amber (amber resin) has a strong linear scent. *Each person has different ways of feeling the scent, so please refer to it as an image. The potpourri scents like drifting, so if you want to instantly give it a strong fragrance, we recommend using it with room spray.




Q. Why do you run out of stock?

A. Since the scent essence is made of natural materials, the production volume may vary depending on the season. Depending on the scent, it may not be possible to produce it, so please purchase it when it is in stock. We also have time to replenish the inventory by checking the production quantity, the transportation schedule from France, and the domestic quality check.


Q. I would like to try the scent before I buy it, but please tell me which stores.

A. We have uploaded a list of handling stores. Please check from the main menu
*Products handled vary by store. When visiting, we recommend that you contact each store to see if it has the product you want.