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ポプリ / アンバー(琥珀樹脂)が結ぶ自然とアート。

Art of the natural world expressed by a filter called Mad Ellen (Popuri/Amber)

Made Ellen is a very classic potpourri, combined with traditional medieval French techniques and “things” that exist in the natural world, as well as scents that can be uniquely perceived by the eyes, as an art. Sublimated Potpourri and redefined it. Through the ferocious, minimalistic, and natural charm of potpourri/amber, we approach Maduelen as art.

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Enjoy the candles of Mad Ellen

Madelen candle. Madwellen is a brand with a strong impression of potpourri, but the candles are also cool. On the YouTube channel "Ron Ma, Bozu and YouTube", Ron Ma introduced the candle from the user's perspective.

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