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梅雨を楽しむBLACK CHAMPAKA(ブラック シャンパカ)の香り

梅雨を楽しむBLACK CHAMPAKA(ブラック シャンパカ)の香り



甘い高揚感と、ホッとする安息感の共存が秀逸なBLACK CHAMPAKA(ブラック シャンパカ)
そんなエキゾチックな空気を醸し出すBLACK CHAMPAKAの魅力とは?
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THE SICHUAN(テシュアン)の香りで空想する神話

THE SICHUAN(テシュアン)の香りで空想する神話


THE  SICHUAN(テシュアン )は香りのネーミングが地名になっている異色の存在です。まるで四川を訪れて、その地で触れた暮らし、歴史、神話を体現したかのようなノスタルジックな香りに仕上がっています。今回はそんなTHE SICHUANの香りをご紹介します。

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The scent of TERRE NOIRE

"Dancing of sparks like fireflies shining in the dark nights, squealing of the chest when navigating through moist ground in dark fog"

TERRE NOIRE where mysterious messages arouse curiosity. It is the most popular scent among the many scents of Madelene. You can also tell from the thoughtful message of the brand's seriousness to interact with the scent. "TERRE NOIRE" is a scent that symbolizes such a madeelen. This time, I will approach the technique of incense.

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Maddellene's [Wabi-rust] and HUMUSU scent.

 What do the common aesthetics of Maduelen and "Wabi-Sabi" have in common?

Even though it's not a brand born in Japan, it looks like something like Nippon Posa (the spirit of Japan). While pondering over what that feeling came from, I came to one answer. It is "wabi-sabi". Spread throughout the world“Wabi-sabi” has recently been recognized as an aesthetic sense peculiar to Japan.We will introduce how to enjoy Madelene through such a Wabi/Sabi filter.

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A scent recommended in early summer called SPIRITUELLE

"Fresh green shining in the sun sways in the wind, moisturizing your body like a desert drink"

SPIRITUELLE is popular for its exhilaratingness in the scent of Madueren. It is one of the first scents that we recommend to customers who have lost their scent. And it is also a scent that fans increase rapidly from spring to summer. This time We will show you the charm of SPIRITUELLE.

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It is one of the most fruity scents in Madellen, and I think it's a relatively easy scent for everyone to choose. "Sweetness" "Youngness" "Sensory". Let's unravel the scent of FIGUE NOIRE that brings out some femininity.

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