The Undercover and Made Ellen capsule collections will be released on Saturday, March 7th at 11:00. There are three types of lineup: potpourri, candles and room perfumes.


This collaboration is an impressive collection of pyramid-shaped and triangular vessels that are not found in the usual "MAD et LEN" product lineup.


Potpourri "Black Mysticism"

A stone potpourri in which a tourmaline and obsidian (obsidian) that shine quietly in black are spread in a triangular iron container.

The mysterious scent of drops, benzoin and gentle resin powder dripping on the leaves of champaca.

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ポプリ『Black Mysticism』



Candle "Buddha Paper"

A candle in a pyramid-shaped iron bowl with tear-dropped eyes in gold.

The warm scent of deep sweet benzoin and a gentle resin.

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キャンドル『Buddha Paper』



Room perfume "Holy Fig"

A spray-type room perfume with a tear-filled eye illustration on the cap.

 Imagine the scent of dusk under the fig tree in the wild.

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ルームパフューム『Holy Fig』


The items are sold at Undercover's stores below, except for DOUBLE'H ML STORE (


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UNDERCOVER Aoyama, Shinjuku Isetan (Men's & Women's), GINZA SIX, Dover Street Market Ginza, Hankyu Men's Tokyo, Hankyu Osaka (Men's & Women's), Lucua1100, Iwataya, Sendai, Kanazawa, Nagoya, Kyoto, UNDERCOVER NOISE LAB Shibuya PARCO, UNDERCOVER Online store (


Take this opportunity to enjoy a limited edition of Madellen.


アンダーカバー×マドエレン  フルラインナップ