DOUBLE'H ML STORE ( is launching a campaign for Madellen for a limited time.




# With the usual place

① Free shipping on all products.
② All purchase benefits (novelty) will be presented.

We will give you a small amount of amber (amber resin) (amount that can be placed on a small plate).

*For the scent, we will choose a different scent than the one you purchased and deliver it.

*We do not accept designation of fragrance.



From 2020.4/15 (Wed) to 4/26 (Sun) *The campaign period has changed.

*The photo is for illustrative purposes only, and may differ from the actual amount of novelty.



I think you are spending more time at home.

Some people may be stressed.

We view this situation as "precious time" as positively as possible.

# With the usual place


A place that just exists in everyday life.

If you don't care about your room, you're just a place (space). However, if you stop from everyday and look around carefully, there is no doubt that it is good and bad, and it is full of elements that reflect your "current self".

That's right.

This place (space) is like the other person who reflects himself.        

By spending a little time with interest and affection in this place, you may discover a new personality that you have never noticed before.

Some of you can only expose yourself in this place.

By reviewing such a closest and important place and expressing it to the fullest, we will manage all situations positively.

It is a suggestion from us.


Nostalgic past too.

An exciting future too.

With the usual place.