FIGUE NOIRE isIt is one of the most fruity scents in Madellen, and I think it's a relatively easy scent for everyone to choose.

"Sweetness" "Youngness" "Sensory".

We will introduce you to the scent of FIGUE NOIRE that brings out some femininity.





Mad Ellen does not publish detailed scent recipes.
Inspired by fresh, natural materials, the scent is artfully assembled.

Among the many unique scents, you can intuitively feel the dynamic of the material , FIGUE NOIRE.

FIGUE NOIRE FIG means "fig (no fruit)", and Maduelen's FIG uses the essence of "black fig" that is sweet like peach.

That's right.

It's a kind of food that is a fruit, not a fruit, with a soft and juicy texture and a unique texture.

In fact, the part you are eating is not the fruit, but the flower part (the small part). It is a mysterious and bewitching fruit that blooms in the fruit.



Forbidden fruit

In the Old Testament, the scene where Adam and Eve hide their nakedness with fig leaves is famous, and the forbidden fruit is sometimes called fig rather than apple from the context.

Also, figs are depicted in various places including ancient Roman murals, suggesting that they are traditional fruits with a long history. In recent years, women's worries and aging effects have been attracting attention.

The shape, cross section and sensual color of the figs give the woman a bold impression.



When you touch the scent of FIGUE NOIRE, The freshness and the glossiness hidden inside overflow with the impression that the inner charm is awakened.

A slight milky scent of sandalwood was also layered, and the dignity was worn. FIGUE NOIREThe scent of will be even more glossy when it is stored in an iron bowl.


Fresh in the morning and ennui in the evening.

Sensual in the coming season from spring to summerEnjoy the scent of FIGUE NOIRE.


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