"Dancing of sparks like fireflies shining in the dark nights, squealing of the chest when navigating through moist ground in dark fog"

Fertile humus, bark, minerals, old pine and oakwood trees, cold mushrooms. It is a scent that combines the quiet and powerful spiciness of a dark, moist land with a slight sweetness.


TERRE NOIRE where mysterious messages arouse curiosity. It is the most popular scent among the many scents of Madelene.
You can also tell from the thoughtful message of the brand's seriousness to interact with the scent.

"TERRE NOIRE" is a scent that symbolizes such a madeelen.

The details of the incense are not disclosed because we want people who touch the scent to feel like stories and images to feel free.I would like to approach the appeal of "TERRE NOIRE".


TERRE NOIRE material


For example SPIRITUELLE, LILI NEROLI,FIGUE NOIRE is popular for its intuitive fragrance, as the title suggests.

Compared to thatTERRE NOIRE is fragrant as if assembling a puzzle with a mysterious image, and draws a line.

When you actually sniff it, the relaxing earthiness and spiciness that is a bit different from spices, and the sweetness that wraps them up (this sweetness is also different from fruity) are impressive.

Among the keywords that unravel some scents, the key is "Humus" as spiceI feel like "Oakwood"






Although humus is often confused with humus, humus is fluffy compost made from piles, whereas humus is soil. It is the earth itself. By repeating decomposition of all plants and some organisms such as fallen leaves, branches, trees, etc., fine soil particles will become organic soil with plenty of nutrients stored. A mulch that contains a lot of water and is mixed with other soils. The image is black soil that spreads when entering a forest or a marsh. It has no strange odor and has a fresh, spicy, woody scent.


[Oak wood]

The name changes depending on the production area, but in Japan it is oak (oak).Because hardwood is strong and strong, it is useful for furniture that carries heavy objects. The biggest feature is that it emits a fairly sweet scent even though it is woody. Therefore, it is also used in whiskey barrels.


It is said that the scent floating from the soil gives "comfort" and "relaxation",It forms a strong and calm peculiar to TERRE NOIRE. Also, the woody feeling of sweetness is pleasant, and you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere as if you were wrapped in a dynamic earth.


Isn't it a difficult scent? 

You can feel it, but surprisingly it feels like the scent of mad ellen and the instinct that humans naturally want.




Sparks flying in the black earth expressed by TERRE NOIRE


The nutrient-rich land of humus is based on the life cycle of many plants and microorganisms.

The feeling that the world itself is in the blessing of life, assimilating the land of such black life with the darkness of night.

"Fire powder that dances like a firefly" isI feel as if I am praising that life.

It represents a powerful earth that connects new life to the future.





This is a scent that you should try if you are considering making Mad Ellen for the first time.

I think that you can directly feel the world view of the brand.


In summer evenings, take a walk through the bushes and swamps of the neighborhood and feel the scent of life circulating.


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