"Fresh green shining in sunlight hydrates the body like a desert drink"


SPIRITUELLE is popular for its exhilaratingness in the scent of Madueren.

It's one of the first things we recommend to customers who have lost their scent.

Especially, it is a scent that fans rapidly increase from spring to summer.

This time We will show you the charm of SPIRITUELLE.


スピリチェーレのリチャージオイル イメージ


The exquisite blend of herbs stands out SPIRITUELLE


The bright green season has arrived.

The scent of SPIRITUELLE is perfect for this season when you want to change and take on new challenges with a positive feeling even during the year.

When expressing the impression of fragrance in easy-to-understand words, the words "refreshing," "exhilarating," and "moisturizing" look great.

That should be it, SPIRITUELLE is fragrant based on the herb "Mint" that strongly propagates from around May.




Speaking of herbs, we are familiar with the colors of tea and dishes, herbs that enjoy the scent, and other uses such as herbs and preservatives. Therefore, it feels like a very specialized plant, but it is a very familiar plant (grass), and it has roots strongly so that it can snuggle up to a living area such as a green space where you suddenly stopped.

The relationship between humans and herbs is deep, and it has been popular as a treatment and preservative since ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, and it appears in various medical books. Since then, Western herbs have been studied mainly in England and France, and have been inherited as traditional Western medicine.

Unlike common medicines, natural energy can help the body to boost immunity. It is also one of the charms of herbs that you can take care of yourself from the heart that connects you to the body like aromatherapy.

Herbs that survive such a harsh natural environment store plenty of energy filled with the blessings of the earth. 



SPIRITUELLE herbs and bitter orange


There may be some people who say "I don't like the strong refreshing scent".

The scent of SPIRITUELLE is not just refreshing.

A refreshing mint scent with mugwort, the same herbBy adding the bitterness and bitter orange citrus,It gives you a new scent.

From the freshness and depth of exhilaration, you can catch a glimpse of the scent of Madwellen.


It feels like you are cooling down while drinking a mojito in the evening cool.

In fact, in the Sahara desert of North Africa such as Morocco, mint tea is traditionally drunk to outweigh the heat.






Mint is familiar in Japan with light load (mint). It contains a component called menthol, which brings a refreshing and refreshing feeling. It is generally famous for its effects of relieving fatigue and soothing pain, and it is useful when you feel drowsy or want to refresh your head.



Mugwort, which has been used as a medicinal herb since ancient times, has a soft fragrance in the spring. It is known to have effects that fit the beauty and worries of women, such as warming the body and adjusting the hormone balance. Regarding the scent, it is famous for its calming and relaxing effect, and is said to lead to a good night's sleep.




How to enjoy SPIRITUELLE


Awakening in the morning

・Daytime when you want to concentrate

・Evening cooldown

・Relaxation before going to bed


The scent of SPIRITUELLE will refresh your body and mind.

In addition, there are various ways to enjoy the scented scene, and it adds color to everyday life.


It is said that scent and memory have a close relationship because they reach the part of the brain that controls the instinct. (Restoring past memories and emotions by sniffing the scent is called the "Proust effect.")

Why don't you leave the memories of early summer in the future by the method of scent?



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