The aesthetic sense of "Mad Ellen" and "Wabi-Sabi".


In what room would you like to place the Maduelen potpourri?

Made Ellen was born in the mountains of southern France. And yet Mad Ellen surprisingly fits nicely into the interior with a Japanese taste.

Even though it's not a brand born in Japan, it looks like something like Nippon Posa (the spirit of Japan). While pondering over what that feeling came from, I came to one answer.

It is "wabi-sabi".

Spread throughout the world“Wabi-sabi” has recently been recognized as an aesthetic sense peculiar to Japan.

We will introduce how to enjoy Madelene through such a Wabi/Sabi filter.




What is Wabi/Rust?


"Wabi and rust"I think many people are vague about the concept, so I will explain it very briefly.

When "Wabi/Sabi" is converted to Kanji, it is written as "Wabi/Sabi".

Judging from the meaning of the kanji, Wabi feels sad, lamented, and depressed. Solitary is loneliness and loneliness. Both are very negative words.

However, if this is translated into a positive meaning, Wabi will have a tough spiritual beauty, "a heart to enjoy and positively capture a situation that cannot be helped." Jabi can be expressed as the surface beauty of "the natural beauty that appears on the surface when accepting independence or solitude."

After that, in connection with the influence of China and the world view of Zen that spread in the Muromachi period, it will be established as a concept of aesthetic sense peculiar to Japan.


I tried to express "wabi and rust" from the viewpoint of aesthetics.



Emotional beauty. Simple beauty. Imperfect beauty.



Beauty that changes as time passes





"Wabi and rust" felt from Madelen


Made Ellen is a brand that faces nature, is particular about natural materials, and values the artistry created by craftsmen by hand.

This brand concept is truly "wabi-sabi" when combined with Japanese aesthetics.

"Wabi" is a hand-made ironware, potpourri with uneven grain, and a natural fragrance with the theme of nature.

The ironware and potpourri that change in condition over time are "rust."

Madewellen's potpourri, which you can enjoy not only when it is new, but also when you live together, has a different look.

It's simple and distorted, but beautiful.

It looks like a tea utensil during the Warring States period.




Fragrance that feels abalone and rust ~ HUMUS ~


・HUMUS (pronounced "umus" in French)

"Contrast of colors woven by sunlight shining in a remote area of the forest"

It has the scent of moist humus and dead grass deep in the forest, and the scent of soft, woody bark wet with rain.


Hummus is the perfect scent for those who want to feel "wabi-rust". It's as if the beautiful moss greens illuminated by the sunlight shining during the rainy season come to your mind.

It is a scent that gives you a fresh feeling while feeling the scent of the earth.




Today is a time when you will be swallowed by a wealth of information and technology.

By accepting imperfections and deficiencies and listening naturally, we think that a different light will be inserted into our daily lives.

From this point of view, we introduced the potpourri and scent of Madelene recommended for this season.

Why don't you experience a part of "Wabi Sabi" that Steve Jobs also loved at home?

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