Potpourri/Amber charm that attracts big fans.


I think there are many people who are not familiar with the word potpourri.

For those who are familiar with this, on the contrary, is this a potpourri? I think you may feel that.

Madeelen is an extremely classic potpourri that combines traditional techniques of medieval France, “things” that exist in the natural world, and scents that can be created by a unique incense that cannot be seen with the eyes. Was sublimated and redefined.

ラバロック 、アンバー、アートをイメージ

Rough, minimal and natural


Potpourri/Amber, which has the most fans among the Mad Ellen items.

I think that it is impossible for first-time users to imagine whether it is a stone or a chemical substance without an explanation.

Through the charm of amber (amber resin) that shines noble but is not overly finished, we approach Madellen as art.



Amber (amber resin)


Maddellene's amber is a dried sap from the wound of a tree in the leguminous subfamily Acacia, commonly called acacia gum or acacia resin.

Many countries such as Sudan, Chad, and Nigeria originate from the African continent. In Japan, the same leguminous plant, Fusa acacia (Mimosa), has a slightly different image.

This acacia gum is a 100% natural ingredient, non-GMO, gluten-free polysaccharide. It is highly soluble in water and generates a strong viscosity when it comes into contact with water, so it is used as a food emulsifier and stabilizer for yogurt, ice cream, wine, and in cosmetics. Since it has been eaten as a food since ancient times, it is becoming more and more valuable in the present age when the natural orientation is strengthened as a blessing of nature that is safe and close to humankind.

Acacia gum exuded from trees native to the land of Africa. The positive energy of the natural world, full of vitality, is also emitted from the Madellen iron vessel.

ポプリ/アンバー  ブラックブロック

アンバー アップ

From food to art that looks and smells


Made EllenDried solidAcacia gum was filled with the essence of the natural fragrance using an exquisite technique that does not dissolve.

Amber, which is beautiful and shines but has different grains, may be similar to the iron bowl in terms of history and ruggedness. However, the individuality of each does not weaken, and it becomes an attraction of similar things and attracts more viewers.

ポプリ/アンバー おしゃれ

Madelene aesthetics that value tradition and nature.

From the amber of the potpourri, you can get a glimpse of Madelen's technique of spinning the finest beauty with minimal elements.


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