Labaroque (lava stone) that creates the image of "black" of Madellen 


Do you know Mad Ellen? When you ask an acquaintance or friend

"That black stone guy, right?"

"Is there something like a stone in the iron bowl?"

"How do you use this?"

I think that the answer often comes back.

Today, I am happy that many fans support me, but for those who are not so interested,"black" "Iron" "stone" It's a strange thing for the keyword.

I still have to do my best! While I think, "Black" "Iron" "Stone"It can be said that these three elements make a strong impression on the person who sees them.

Of course, it is Lavalock (lava stone) that strongly imitates this image.


[Mad Ellen Potpourri / What is Lavalock? ]

Madwellen's "Popuri / Lavalock" is a natural pottery essence that has been distilled and extracted from trees, stems, flowers and fruits. Room fragrance packed in a bowl. You can enjoy adjusting the size of your room and the fragrance balance you prefer in your daily life with the iron lid and oil for recharging (a few drops on lava rock to charge the scent).

Room fragrances rarely use artificial fragrances and petroleum components, and the room is extremely natural yet has a unique cool and sensual scent.

How do you use this? It is convincing that those who see it for the first time are convinced that it is a novel product that jumps over the concept of room fragrance and potpourri.



[Appearance that makes you feel free art without equations]


Isn't the appearance of the best of "Popuri/Lavarock" made by Maduelen?

Moroccan craftsmen have created iron pots that have been created using traditional hand-made manufacturing techniques. There is a living beauty that has not been calculated.

The lava rocks (lava stones) that fit in them are also irregular in grain and color.

The combination of lava stones and unfinished vessels is like an equation-less art piece, in which the rough, rugged and mineral cool are in harmony.

Although it is a product that was created by "manual work" far from modern manufacturing, it also looks modern"Popuri / Lava Rock".

It is a technique that can make Mad Ellen's unique sense.


"Rubbish"Cool" "Natural" "Modern" "Genderless"...

How does it look to everyone?




Lavalock is a natural stone formed by lava (magma) hardening when a volcano erupts. The surface is rough and has numerous small holes. Although it looks heavy, it is light like pumice stone, and this stone, which you can't see in everyday life, gives a mysterious impression. Some colors are jet black and some are reddish, and no one is the same in shape and color. Lavalock, which has the energy of the dying earth inside, has the impression that it is possible to get rid of evil things and gain positive power just by being present.

The moment you open the iron lid, you can experience the dynamic nature.



Nature x human technique Made Ellen.

The same things are unique and each is special, so I hope you enjoy the encounter with the product.


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